Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Global PARU

The first qualification for solar PV power plants is generating efficiency.
A power plant that can't generate much electricity is not worth the cost.

The sun moves from east to west and constantly changes 
its altitude with the season. 

Solar PV Power Plant

The generating efficiency is really high when the sun 
and the solar module are perpendicular

[PARU Solar Tracker]PARU Dual Axis Tracker
PARU Solar PV Power Plant

So, PARU has been producing their solar PV power plants
which are Fixed/Fixed Adjustment/Single Axis/Dual Axis Types.

Here is a short video clip about PARU's Dual Axis Type.

[PARU Solar Tracker]PARU Dual Axis Tracker
PARU Dual Axis Tracker

When it comes to the maximum generating efficiency,
PARU's Dual Axis Type guarantees an optimal generating efficiency 
as it moves the module in every direction. 
(up and down/left and right)

[PARU Solar Tracker]PARU Dual Axis Tracker
PARU Dual Axis Tracker - Controller

Driving range is up to 270° from 0°, and it perfectly tracks the sun 
from east to west from sunrise and until the sunset.

[PARU Solar Tracker]PARU Dual Axis Tracker
PARU Dual Axis Tracker

Through this, it can optimize for solar angle of incidence,
which can be varying under the influence of the season and time.

[PARU Solar Tracker]PARU Single Axis Tracker
PARU Single Axis Tracker 

Qualifications for Solar PV Power Plants PART 2 and 3 will be continued.

PARU Home Page in English

PARU Home Page in Korean


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