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An outstanding solar PV energy company, PARU, has successfully installed 
solar PV power plants, which is total 795 MW, 
throughout the world including South Korea, USA, Japan, and 8 other countries.

It is remarkable that
PARU has constructed total 511 solar power plants in South Korea.
 (Some are structure supply.)
The total amount of their station capacity is 332 MW.

Today, we have a video clip to show you
 the major installations of power plants under the PARU's construction. 

Here is the video clip that shows the major installations of the power plants constructed by PARU.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation01

01. Suncheon Gardening Expo  |  Carport, Rooftop type  |  783kW

Suncheon is a city in South Jeolla Province in Korea. 
The International Garden Exposition was held here in 2013. 

The average daily power consumption of the event was around 17,000kW
 and 5000kW came from the solar power.

 This 5000kW is the 32% of the total electricity consumption.
If the weather was sunny,
 the solar PV electricity power share could have reached up to 39%! 

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation02

02. Kwangyang Swimming Pool  |  Fixed, Ball-truss type  |  100kW

Kwangyang is a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea.

South Jeolla province receives the most amount of irradiance in Korea
 and it is 23% higher than that of Seoul. 
For this reason, 40% of the domestic solar facility is installed in South Jeolla. 

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation03

03. Yeosu International EXPO  |  Fixed, Variable, Single-Axis, Dual-Axis  |  2.2MW

The Yeosu Expo solar PV plant, located in the Southern coast of Korea, 
  showed advanced Korean technology and the importance
 of the pro-environmentalism to the international crowds.

 The solar facility here was started to build on Dec, 2011 and completed 4 months later.
 The facility covers around the 46,918㎡area and 9.2 billion has been invested.
 Produced electricity from this facility was a part of the power source at the Expo.

 The plant produces 7200kWh daily and 2,570,000kWh yearly
 and this is enough to cover 700 households’ consumption of the electrical power.

 Through the eco-friendly electricity production, 
yearly about 1600 tons of greenhouse gas exhaustion can be reduced
(equivalent to planting 275 20 year old pine trees).

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation04

04. Kwangyang Gym For Disabled  |  Fixed  |  30kW

PARU’s business fields cover
from the environment technology to organism environment.
PARU always emphasizes the importance of environment and people.

Kwangyang Gym was one of the examples that show
how PARU's mission statement was fulfilled.

 With this foundation, PARU will continue to develop
 and grow to obtain a clean and green world
 as a ‘Total Environment Special Corporation.’

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation05

05. Suncheon Agricultural & Marine Products Wholesail Market  |  Fixed  |  948kW

PARU's fixed types were constructed on the rooftop of the market. 

Suncheon city has worked with PARU
 in order to expand the use of renewable energy 
at the Suncheon Agricultural & Marine Product Market
 located in Heagwangro, Hearyongmeyon, Suncheon city. 

Suncheon city utilized 44200㎡ of abandoned land 
and invested in 10 billion won to install solar PV structure. 

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation06

06. Suncheon Green Model Village  |  Fixed  |  249kW

This example explains that PARU aims for the high efficiency
 and the enlargement through improving the previous product 
and developing the key products. 

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation07

07. Kangjin Truck Parking lot  |  Carport  |  5.5MW

Despite having the least fiscal self-reliance capability in Korea, with PARU,
 KangjinGun completed a 5MWh capacity of solar structure at Public Cargo Vehicle Garage
 to find a sustainable non-tax growth income for the Gun (A sub-district in Korean). 

This garage covers an area of 146,975㎡ and 1300 large cargoes can be parked.
 Up until the solar project started, this garage was not actively utilized. 

As the solar structure installed, it is expected to create 0.1 billion Won revenue per year,
which is about 90,301.61 USD

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation08

08. JellaNamdo Province Library  |  Carport, Rooftop  |  50kW

JeonNam Province Library in NamAc new town, Muan,
 is an energy-saving type building that contains PARU’s key component 
in solar PV system and rainwater harvesting system.

 The library has a reference room, children’s info room, digital room 
and also provides a resting place for the community. 

In addition, by constructing a network that connects 286 libraries 
(52 public libraries and 234 small village libraries) 
in South Jeolla province, this library earned a good reputation.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation09

09. JeollaNamdo Provincial Government Building  |  Fixed  |  345kW

PARU also analyzes the constantly changing surrounding environment and market status. 
Through developing a system that is interworking with the solar system, 
PARU seeks a cost reduction and a growth as a leading international solar energy company. 

This power plant is also in South Jeolla Province, and it is built on a huge government building.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation10

10. Suncheon Producing base distribution center  |  Rooftop  |  350kW

The power plant built in Suncheon has rooftop types, which generates 350 KW.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Installation11

11. Youngam Formular 1 Circuit  |  Carport  |  6.2MW

This project was in 2012.
 Young-Am F1 solar plant remains in the large area,
 equivalent to 30 soccer fields(226,000㎡). 

This plant is the biggest solar plant commercially operating
 since the beginning of RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) by the government in 2012.

 This solar plant yearly produces about 18,000MWh electricity
 and provides it to 5000 households. 

PARU Home Page in English

PARU Home Page in Korean

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