Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[IntersolarEurope2015] PARU’S GREAT START AT INTERSOLAR EU 2015

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-01
Full View of the PARU Booth

PARU’s Success at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munchen, Germany

From June 10th to June 12th, there was Intersolar Europe 2015 

sponsored by Solar Promotion GmbH in Munchen, Germany. 
It is the world’s biggest environment-friendly energy exhibitions in the world.
About 1000 companies participated to introduce their products and technologies.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-02
A Lot of Visitors at the Booth

The event was very meaningful to PARU 
since Intersolar has become the most important industry platform
for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners in the solar industry. 
PARU’s products and technologies were spotlighted by many visitors.

Let’s see what how successful PARU was at the exhibition! 

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-03
PARU's Solar PV

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-04
Customers Looking into the PARU's Solar PV

PARU's New PV Solar Products

PARU participated with their solar structure at the exhibition
and displayed their Dual-Axis and Single-Axis structures. 
Also, they introduced their new PV solar products
with high efficient tracking system
Fixed types and carports were promoted in pamphlets.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-05
Miniature of PARU's Solar PVs

Dual-Axis Tracker generates the maximum efficiency of the solar PV
no matter what the weather or temperature condition is.
Single Axis Tracker produces optimal efficiency of the solar PV.
Compared to the Fixed type, this has up to 30% more of a generating efficiency.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-06
Visitors at EU 2015

You can see that PARU’s technology has been acknowledged and accepted

not only domestically but also internationally.
PARU's Alamo project will be continued until 2016.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-07
PARU's Success at EU 2015

PARU,as the partner of the biggest dual axis power plant in San Antonio, Texas, US.

PARU’s solar structures are delivered to the biggest dual axis power plant
in San Antonio, Texas, US. 
As the Korean leading solar PV company, PARU, started one of the world’s largest solar projects
with 400MW solar Tracking System (approximately $150 Million) here in this historical land in the US. 

400MW is the amount of electricity to run 400,000 households daily.

Isn't that amazing?

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-08
Another View of the Booth

During the 3 day exexhibition, PARU met lots of visitors interested in our business.
So, PARU is looking forward to working for the next Alamo project.

[PARU Solar Tracker] Intersolar Europe2015-09
One of Our Visitors

PARU will deliver good news continuously.  

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