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PARU - Carport Type

To continue with the first posting,
There are also other examples of the Carport Type solar power PV trackers
that PARU offers.

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[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 1
Naju City Hall

The existing solar power PV plants are constructed on a large site.
But, Carport Types are constructed usually on a parking lot,
which makes it more efficient
as parking lots and plants can be used at the same time.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 2
Naju City Hall

This type already has been installed quite a bit in Korea. 
Considering the parking space and features of the existing buildings,
PARU has been constantly working on improving the technology. 

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 3
Wondosim Swimming Pool

 PARU offers the 4 different typical Carport types.

1. Single-Slope
2. Inverted Design
3. Full Coverage

4. Tracker Type.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 4
Naju Sports Stadium

This Naju Sports Stadium is the Inverted Design.

The inverted design provides increased clearance at the eaves
while promoting snow to shed toward the center column of the structure.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 5
Ssangbong-dong Community Service Center

The plant in the picture above is the Single Type.

PARU Home Page in English

PARU Home Page in Korean

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