Thursday, July 2, 2015


PARU - Carport Type

To continue with the earlier postings,
here are the more examples of our Carport Type solar power PV trackers.

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[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 01
Kangjin County Office

This Kangjin County Office is one of the 4 different typical Carport types of PARU, 
which is the Full Coverage.

The Full Coverage design is utilized to cover the whole parking area
including the drive aisles between the parking rows.

Parking garages are the most typical.
But, there are also drive-through and bus loading and unloading zones.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 02
Yeosu City Hall

The Benefits of the PARU Solar Carport Types

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 03
Yeosu City Hall

1. Wide Selection of Design
- Customized design
 - Customized colors
- Optional raised concrete piers

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 04
Yeong-am F1 Stadium

2. Foundation and Installation Options
- Different modules for different parking lots

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 05
Yeong-am F1 Stadium

PARU will continue on providing the most reliable products 
that minimize the after-service and its costs.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Tracker - 06
Gurae County Office

PARU Home Page in English

PARU Home Page in Korean

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