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To continue on with World Class 300 Part 1,
we will talk about what qualifications are required to be chosen.

[PARU Solar Tracker]PARU at the World Class 300 Conferment Ceremony
PARU at the World Class 300 Conferment Ceremony

World Class 300 corporation goes through total 4 steps of evaluation.

1. Requirement Examination
2. Presentation Evaluation
3. Site Visit
4. Comprehensive Evaluation.

World Class 300

Through those intense 4-step evaluations,
56 companies as World Class 300 for this year, 2015, were decided.

Now, let's move onto the company selection criteria
in the first step, requirement examination to become World Class 300.  

1. Business Size

Among the companies with revenue arranging from 40 billion won to 1 trillion won, 
one with sales increase about more than 20% in export.

2. Feature of Company

In the past 3 years, the ratio of R&D investment to revenue is above 2%
or yearly revenue increase(CAGR) is 15% in the past 5 years.

3. Unqualified Companies

- Companies with Debt
- Disqualified Opinion
- Restricted in participating in National Project.

PARU was able to survive even after these strict qualifications evaluation
and to be chosen as World Class 300 by the Korean government.

PARU Home Page in English

PARU Home Page in Korean

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