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Did you wonder how PARU's solar PV trackers are made?
Today, our manufacturing process will be revealed!

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PARU New Building

Let's get started!

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Material warehouse

1. Material Warehousing & Incoming Inspection

PARU performs visual inspections on the incoming steel.

The supplier will perform functional tests prior to product delivery
and provide a certificate to PARU.

PARU will also perform a thorough functional inspection 
before further processing.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 02
Laser cutting & Bending

2. Laser Cutting & Bending

When the materials arrive from the suppliers,
they are laser-cut, bent, and pressed into the desired shapes.

With visual inspections, dimensional measurements are performed by hand 
with calibrated tools and compared with original drawing.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 03

3. Manual & Robot welding

PARU has a welding jig set to make sure that pieces are welded
in the correct place and alignment.

The jig set includes two jigs: 
for the top and the bottom post.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 05
Process Inspection

4. Process Inspection

Another visual inspection and a magnetic particle inspection
will be performed after welding.

PARU's inspection sampling rate is 1%.

Any defects found during the inspection will be sent back.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 06

5. Galvanizing

The welded parts will be sent out for galvanization at third parties.

The galvanization contractor performs 100% inspections on appearance
and on bending/deformation test.

And he or she provides certificates of compliance with the delivered product.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 07
Critical Parts Assembly

6. Critical Parts Assembly & Function Test

Slew drive, actuator, sensor, controller
These critical parts are assembled in this process.

Once they are done, they must pass a function test.

100% of the critical parts assemblies are put through 
the functional test and the results are recorded in a log.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 08

7. Packing & Shipment

The last procedure of the manufacturing is packing.

After packing, the products will be delivered directly to the project sites.

For Alamo Project in the US,
PARU delivered the products from Kwangyang port to Long Beach port in LA.

PARU Home Page in English

PARU Home Page in Korean

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