Thursday, July 30, 2015



Let's learn more about solar PV plants today!
Did you know there are many types of plants
and PARU offers most of them?

Here are explanation of the types with the pictures of the plants 
designed & manufactured by PARU. 

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Fixed Type
PARU Fixed Type

 1. Fixed Type

- Low cost on installation
- Smaller occupied area per kW
- Usable space at the bottom
- Relatively safe 

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Semi-Fixed Type
PARU Semi-Fixed

2. Semi-Fixed Type

- 5 to 10% more power generation than the fixed type
- Lower cost than trackers
- Able to prevent the damage of typhoon by controlling inclination

- More space needed compared the fixed type
- Less stability than the fixed type

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Single Axis Tracker
Single Axis Tracker

 3. Single Axis Tracker

- 15% more generating efficiency than the fixed type
- Able to prevent the damage of typhoon by controlling inclination

- 20~30% more space needed compared the fixed type
- Operation education needed

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Single Axis Tracker
Single Axis Tracker

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Dual-Axis Tracker
Dual Axis Tracker

4. Dual Axis Tracker

- 30% more generating efficiency than the fixed type
- Able to construct under bad installation condition

- More space needed compared the fixed type
- Operation education needed

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU Dual-Axis Tracker01
Dual Axis Tracker

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Did you wonder how PARU's solar PV trackers are made?
Today, our manufacturing process will be revealed!

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 01
PARU New Building

Let's get started!

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 02
Material warehouse

1. Material Warehousing & Incoming Inspection

PARU performs visual inspections on the incoming steel.

The supplier will perform functional tests prior to product delivery
and provide a certificate to PARU.

PARU will also perform a thorough functional inspection 
before further processing.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 02
Laser cutting & Bending

2. Laser Cutting & Bending

When the materials arrive from the suppliers,
they are laser-cut, bent, and pressed into the desired shapes.

With visual inspections, dimensional measurements are performed by hand 
with calibrated tools and compared with original drawing.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 03

3. Manual & Robot welding

PARU has a welding jig set to make sure that pieces are welded
in the correct place and alignment.

The jig set includes two jigs: 
for the top and the bottom post.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 05
Process Inspection

4. Process Inspection

Another visual inspection and a magnetic particle inspection
will be performed after welding.

PARU's inspection sampling rate is 1%.

Any defects found during the inspection will be sent back.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 06

5. Galvanizing

The welded parts will be sent out for galvanization at third parties.

The galvanization contractor performs 100% inspections on appearance
and on bending/deformation test.

And he or she provides certificates of compliance with the delivered product.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 07
Critical Parts Assembly

6. Critical Parts Assembly & Function Test

Slew drive, actuator, sensor, controller
These critical parts are assembled in this process.

Once they are done, they must pass a function test.

100% of the critical parts assemblies are put through 
the functional test and the results are recorded in a log.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU _ 08

7. Packing & Shipment

The last procedure of the manufacturing is packing.

After packing, the products will be delivered directly to the project sites.

For Alamo Project in the US,
PARU delivered the products from Kwangyang port to Long Beach port in LA.

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Friday, July 24, 2015


Global PARU

The outstanding technology of PARU's solar PV trackers has been proven
by many international certifications. 
Today, we will look into those certifications all over the world!

Global All Over the World

PARU currently possesses 139 domestic and 15 international patents
and continues to work harder for the better technology. 

Also, PARU has completed product quality test from other 12 countries.
Here are some of them!

1. CE Mark 

The CE mark, or formerly EC mark, is a mandatory conformity marking 
for certain products sold within the European Economic Area(EEC) since 1985.
CE represents Conformité Européenne.

2. UL Mark

The UL Mark inspects, tests, certifies, audits, and validates a product. 
This mark is one of the most accepted certification marks in the United States,
 appearing on 22 billion products annually.

3. FCC Mark

The FCC mark is a certification mark on electronic products 
manufactured or sold in the United States.

It certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the product 
is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.


The TÜV SÜD mark represents a competitive advantage,
which is tested in Germany.
TÜV SÜD certified products are tested by our independently
 accredited laboratories against all relevant standards. 
The facilities where the products are manufactured are then audited annually
by their engineers to ensure that quality and safety standards
 are being maintained consistently.

Black & Veatch Certification

5. Black & Veatch Technical Due Diligence Report

In 2014, Black & Veatch evaluated PARU and PARU’s dual-axis tracker technology.

Black & Veatch reviewed information about the technology based on information provided by PARU, 

including the tracker design, operating and warranty claim history, reliability and durability approach, manufacturing operations and quality control processes.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015



Let's look into our company, PARU, for today!
Here are the four main features of PARU.
You can start with the short video clip about PARU right below.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU 01
Global Solar Energy System and Solution

1. PARU Guarantees the Technology for Nature to You

PARU hopes to live and share the lives with the nature 
and this is the main value of the company. 

PARU wants to help people to live free from diseases and pollution 
by creating a clean and safe bio & industrial environment. 

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU 02

2. PARU is With the Customer

PARU believes that ‘Once a customer is a forever customer’ and the company, employees,
and even the vendors will continuously work together for customers’ satisfaction
PARU is always with the customer.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU 03

PARU is with the Customer

Global PARU

3. PARU Has Been Recognized Abroad First as an Environmental Corporation.

PARU is a global brand that exports its products to 12 different countries
 including USA, Japan, China, and Europe.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU 04
PARU Guarantees the Quality

 4. PARU Makes the Best Quality and Value

has been proven via international certifications such as the UL, TUV, and CE. 

Currently PARU possesses 139 domestic and 15 international patents 
and continues to research and develop better technology. 


After PARU was established in July of 1993,
it was also listed on KOSDAQ in 2000.

This represents that PARU is a reliable company.


 PARU promises to continuously keep up its value.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015



Let's see why PARU is the best in the solar energy business.
Here come the 4 main reasons why you should choose PARU.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU
Solar PV Experts at PARU

1. The Best Solar PV Experts 

The best Solar PV experts will consult with you for the best 
generating efficiency in consideration of geography and budget.

[PARU Solar Tracker] PARU 1
Solar PV Experts at PARU

2. PARU's Own Technology

PARU produces the main components of the solar PV trackers
on its own such as light sensor, slew drive, actuator, etc. 

Global PARU

3. An Internationally Recognized Company

Over 530 areas in Korea, PARU constructed 
large-scale solar energy generation power plants.
Also PARU showed its ability with large-scale projects (total 463 MW)
 in foreign countries such as USA, Japan, and China.

PARU's Reliable After Service

4. A Credible Company

There will be reliable and excellent after service with PARU's expertise.
PARU will always remember 'Once a customer is a forever customer.'

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